Gregg's condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Merton got lucky.

Is there a desk by the window?

Does he go to school?

I'll bring him.

Darren picked up the can of gasoline and started walking back to his car.

What happened to Hsuan's car?

We need a leader.

He took great pains to find a shortcut.


The soup's very hot.

I did it just yesterday.

Do you really believe I did that?

Larry isn't accustomed to city life.

People wonder whether Ramiro is suffering from substance abuse, mental illness or just ignorance. I think it might be all three of those.


I think she's an honest woman.

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She takes care of fifty odd children.


The total came to ten dollars.

Betty was one of the first people here today.

Dan eluded police for almost two years.


When Sal died, I wanted to die.


Who are you kidding?


Girls criticize each other.

I thought you might want to watch this.

Stay off the grass.

There's a problem with the printer, I'm gonna try and fix it.

He has a good appetite.

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I want to tell you something important.

Bobby had four aces.

Is it okay to come tomorrow too?


Gerunds are very funny.


This is just too big to carry.

You had better go.

She ignored the warning.

Start with books that you can easily understand.

How did I do?

I'm doing very well.

I wish I hadn't married her.

A strong army protected the city.

What the silkworm won't eat, the bug will.


It happened that there was a hole in my pocket.

Caleb showed no reaction to the verdict.

February is over.

Takayuki will accept the guests.

You're unpredictable.

That's so hard.

Japan is smaller than Canada.


Are there any seats left for tonight?

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I didn't realize it was a big deal.

Did you pick one yet?

Let's just go find them.


We'll be there in a little while.

The burglar came into the house through this door.

The aerial on our radio needs fixing.

Linda likes eating chocolate.

I know the solution.

She needed the entire afternoon to complete the work.

Dan's home phone was tapped by police.

Patrice never fully recovered from his injuries.

I thought that you had already eaten.

Cathryn cleared the table and Sherman washed the dishes.

Have you ever broken a bone?

I have my own restaurant now.

Why did you come here tonight?

There are about 460,000 millionaires in Tokyo.

I want to see it again.

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We have a lot of catching up to do.


The beautiful woman is tall.


How was dinner last night?

This pair of shoes doesn't fit me.

Alison studies at Harvard.

Please use the water with economy.

Mother asked us why we had done that.

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She cried what a lovely garden it was.


Randall tried in vain to convince Revised to go to art school.

Please forgive me asking such a personal question.

I'll lend you my notebook.


I must talk with you.

Just get it over with.

You've underestimated Stagger.

All orders must be accompanied with cash.

Sorry for telephoning you so early.

He's not a patch on him.

The county administration works slowly.


It's finished.


Billie scared Irving out of his wits.

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People who were obese at 15 years of age or over have a three times higher risk of mortality than those who'd never been obese.


My father is a bus driver.

Work began almost immediately.

I was tricked into doing it.

Jared has been teaching us French.

Danielle lied to you.

Ravi relies on Dimitry.

Let's hope we can avoid this problem in the future.


She has perfected the art of handling difficult customers.

Could you just go help him?

Could you explain a bit easier for me to understand?

She misplaced her purse.

The Turkish team performed well, making us all happy. However, it could not qualify for the final.

Spiders are loathsome little creatures.

He could not help being satisfied with his lot.


How was your date with Ragnar last night?


He is anything but a gentleman.

Pilot wasn't surprised.

That's just what he needed.

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I've been everywhere in Europe.


I am against working on Sundays.


I'm knackered!


Cyber bullying is rampant on social media and many teenagers attempt or commit suicide as a result of it.

What's Donald so angry about?

Look at all the damage you've caused.


I'm aware that there's only a slim chance that you'll want to see me.

The water rapidly subsided back to normal levels leaving me on a falling building.

George was worried.

We'll watch her.

You must conduct the orchestra well.


She's reading a book.

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I have all the friends I need.

Air traffic controllers are under severe mental strain.

Today, I bought a book.

Kriton never saw her again.

Francisco loves him.


I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.

Is there a happy ending to this story?

Hello, my friends! This is Ricardo and I'm sorry for not posting here for so long. I had many, many, many troubles in my life but I couldn't "let" you alone. I feel sorry for that and I hope know you better and help you better also.

Do I need this?

Can you teach me how to play the guitar like you do?

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I guarantee a huge audience for tonight's premiere.


Vincent isn't much of an athlete.


I wanted to get it over with.

I need to change into my costume.

Please don't cry.

I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.

Voters must not be corrupted.


She has an ax to grind.

You assembled nothing.

A question that children commonly ask is: "Where do the holes in the cheese come from?"


Are you ever going to tell me how you did that?

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Edith is at home taking care of the kids.

Bucky should be able to handle this without any help.

If you have an appointment, you can meet president.


The stable is right behind the farm house.


Hamisi doesn't want sugar.

Everyone else hates us.

I'm going back to work now.


Lar went to high school with me.

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Julie couldn't be here tonight.


When it comes to sewing, she is all thumbs.


You're going to have to talk about what happened.

Please be advised that the next meeting will be held on April 15.

We were trying to protect Marguerite.

Whenever I hear this song, I think of his smile.

As a rule we have much rain in June in Japan.