I heard Paula sobbing.

Can you spin a basketball on your fingertip?


He will be here soon.


I was mixing you up with your older brother.

Vaughn won't be staying with us next weekend.

Let's talk about that right now.


Steven realized it was useless to argue.

A good coach trains this team.

I completed the whole high school curriculum.


The cat is lying on top of the table.

We don't need to talk about that.

You couldn't help it.


I see Rex.

Do you accept credit cards?

A female friend of ours took a trip to a small village last week.

It's important to get the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio right in a compost heap.

The captain was the last person to leave the sinking ship.


She did it out of curiosity.

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I've been helping them study for the GRE.

We're going to have a good time.

He looked at me and smiled.

Merat has something else on his mind.

I just heard them.

Some friend you are!

You are free to go or stay.

I am going to take a swig of beer.

Anders disassociated himself from an increasingly corrupt board of directors.

"Where's your cousin?" "He just left."

Marcia is through.

After fifteen years at a building firm, Bill Pearson was given the responsible position of area manager.

If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasure of illusion.

Let us know when you'll arrive.

Barbra isn't making much sense.

The aviation expert analyzed the statistics in detail.

Whenever the boss is around, he pretends to be busy.

Bad weather prevented us from leaving.

Nobody was allowed to go out of the room.


Don't run, walk slowly.


My friend bought a yellow car.


Gregg is well.

I don't play the oboe.

She has become a very streetwise girl.

I wonder how nutritious that is.

She put a lot of sugar in the coffee.

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Let me walk you to your car.

We must adapt to today's harsh realities.

We were all surprised that Mongo won the race.

I already told you that she isn't here.

Tomorrow, it will be cold.


Call me if you have any problems at all.

The car is outside.

Benjamin Franklin then told a funny little story.


I'm very anxious about my son's safety.

Everyone else waited.

The transliteration on that website was terrible.


This is beautiful.


It made me a little sad.

It is not easy to master English.

Your fingerprints were found on the knife.

Tell him why.

This is the book that Phillip was talking about yesterday.

It's very hard to get along with him.

He will make a business trip to London next week.

The song was a hit.

Jeanne knows how to get there.

Jef has gone to the swimming pool.

Do you think I need one?

The piece of cake Raman gave me was so big that I couldn't eat it all.

When I was crossing the street, I saw an accident.

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She baked a cake for her friend.

But when the pharaoh announced his intention to go out into the garden, they did not object.

I ate with my baby brother.

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I need to learn Japanese.

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I don't enjoy riddles.

The rose gives off a sweet odor.

Are you working hard?


On his tour of Italy, he visited several cities which are famous for their scenic beauty, for instance, Naples and Florence.

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Put two blankets on the bed.

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May I eat this?

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One way is not better than the other.


I bought a computer of the best quality.

Nicolo watched from a distance.

I'm not so sure I want the job.


I have a question for them.

This shrine is sacred to Jupiter.

Western countries are jumping on Japan for its stance on the issue.

Regardless of where you go in Holland, you will see windmills.

We almost missed the train.


You can leave now. I'll see to our luggage.

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Help yourself to breakfast.

I've been wanting to ask you something.

I don't like people like Kieran.

To where does this road lead?

I know that you're upset right now.

I only want to talk.

Shut your gob!


Panzer got suspended.


They will be very afraid.

Stir the soup until it boils.

You'll do what she says and you'll succeed.

I cannot afford to buy such a thing.

This is very good ice cream. Won't you have some?

Dreaming costs nothing.

I need an answer from you before the end of the day.

Is Think actually in there?

Everyone rushed outdoors.

What an awful lot of books you have!

Is this Latin?

Peanuts are part of the legume or bean family.

He earned his living as a teacher.

My friend Marcelo writes in Latin.

What do you say to taking a walk in the park?


The bottle Pilar was holding had a purple label.

He answered me with a smile.

It turns out that Herman never graduated from college.

Take a break, or you'll fall apart.

The tenant must pay the landlord the rent at the end of each month.

This controller has accelerometers in it so it can send a farewell transmission as your child chucks it out the window.

It was ordered that the classroom be put in order

I'd like to talk to the doctor alone for a moment.

Say, he is no more than a kid.

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I don't know all the words to that song.


Within three months, I will be able to read, write and speak.

I don't have time to finish my homework.

Antony kept on making the same mistake.


In spite of the controversy it aroused, the question still remains open.


Are you afraid of bats?

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Her father dedicated his life to science.

I've been back home for a week, but I'm still suffering from jet lag.

Monty opened the door slowly.

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It is known that Siamese cats are extrovert.

We found that there is no information about freight and insurance in your quote.

The teacher was immediately at work correcting that day's test.

So, it's understood.

Barney said he didn't enjoy watching baseball.


I can't do without your advice.


I want to get back there.


Take this medicine before each meal.

I don't like high heat.

A bear will not touch a dead body.

I'll see what's keeping him.

He was always ready to help people in trouble.


It gives me nausea too.


The water was contaminated with oil.

Is there anything you want from the supermarket?

I boldly jumped into the sea.

Babylon was the capital of ancient Babylonia.

The dog is man's best friend.


The politician was not ashamed of having taken bribes.

I'm not sure I really want to do this.

They won't believe me.


I bought a scarf for my grandfather on my father's side for his 88th birthday.


She refuses to say what happened.

"Soon it will get colder," said Mother Bat. "We will fly south where it is warmer and stay there all winter. This is what it means to migrate. We will travel to a cave where we will meet other bats. This is a wonderful time for us."

Be satisfied!

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Micheal is still just as handsome as he used to be.