I heard you bought a boat.

This is something you need to do alone.

We don't know if he killed himself or if he was murdered.

A half-naked couple was dancing frenetically in the middle of the square.

He's got a point.

We all held our breath while we watched it.

There comes our teacher. He is walking very slowly.

Lorenzo is Deb's father.

The traffic accident is fresh in his memory.

Did you speak with her?

Liisa was so tired that she fell asleep sitting down.


You will never realize what I went through.

Everyone except me was invited.

Carol will visit Miami next month.

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Are you still angry with me?

The soldier has died for you. Sweet princess.

Tal is sitting on a picnic blanket.

Am I catching you at a bad time?

That will not be necessary.

Cynthia is Phil's twin brother.

Garlic enhances the flavor of meals.

If it rains tomorrow, we'll not go there.

I know you hired her.

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You might have heard of me.


I'm in your hands.

I'm glad I was there.

We want the meeting arranged as soon as possible.


I don't care if people think I'm weird.

That can't be legal.

Perhaps Andreas is still in love with Page.

70 percent of British people cannot speak a second language.

The city is being blanketed again today by a thick pall of smoke from nearby bushfires.

This custom should be done away with.

He will come here soon to inspect the industry of this town.


How did you know that Amarth didn't know how to speak French?

The situation has improved.

Stuart asked me what the matter was.

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She accumulated a fortune by investing wisely.

I've got Neal on the line.

Linley is an accomplished writer.

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I always wondered what was in your attic.

One out of 455 women doesn't realize she's pregnant until the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Are you absolutely certain that's not going to happen?

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We ran out of gas.


Smokers are as aware as anybody else of the disadvantages of their hobby, but manage to live with that knowledge for two main reasons.

Well, that's what Frederic said.

Their support for him cooled.


I suggest that we hold off on making a decision until all bids are in.

You are one of us.

Here's the key.

You should get the job for which you are best fitted.

I thought you said you weren't coming.


My group is always lively.

You come highly recommended.

I have a friend who's a vegetarian.

You see? It wasn't that bad.

This is a very old book.


I used to have a house in Boston.

Can you pay attention?

I was really satisfied.

The baby was sleeping in the cradle.

An intelligent man uses his mind, but the more intelligent man also uses mind of others.


He succeeded to his uncle's fortune.

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My aunt treats me as if I were a child.

Kathy was surprised how well Sal could swim.

I'll wait thirty more minutes.

On Sunday we put the clock forward.

This shows that happiness and sadness are only separated by attitude.


In my job I have to deal with all kinds of people.


Are you suggesting we go home now?

Shai was falsely accused.

I think it will rain today.

This problem can not be discussed here for lack of time.

I looked you up on the internet last night.

I sort of had a crush on her.

Do what you've been told.

You need not come here for the moment.

An accomplishment cannot be looked upon as yours unless you paddled your own canoe.


Is the patient prepared for surgery?

I feel at ease around Tran.

There's no mistaking about that.

Hebrew is my mother tongue.

They walked at the rate of three miles an hour.


Don't fear the stinging of the thorns if you want to break the rose.

On the next day the weather was delightful, and the sun shone brightly on the green burdock leaves, so the mother duck took her young brood down to the water, and jumped in with a splash.

Is that a joke?

He appealed to us for help.

We can't do that here.

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My husband earns $100,000 a year.

If a dog bites you, wash the wound with soap and water.

He lives alone in his flat.


The pigeons were all poisoned.


Taurus can't explain the difference between cheap wine and expensive wine.

I know it'll be impossible.

Does what Daniel said make sense?


The work I'm doing now requires originality.

They'll be here soon.

Mike didn't join the practice yesterday.

You're kidding!

We're as good as ruined.

I saw it a long time ago.

Victoria said you were his friend.


Shouldn't you be at work already?

I just took a bite from a wormy apple.

Everything's negotiable.

I am in cloud number nine.

That makes all the difference.

When we were kids, Jong and I did a lot of things together.

Vistlik will change his tune when he finds out what's in store for him.

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I am pretty pleased with you.

Linda says he hasn't had any problems yet.

What'll you do?


Human-caused climate change has caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand.


Why was the door locked?

I didn't mean to hurt you.

I'm not going to tell you the reason.

He was brought to tears.

He parked his car behind the building.

I didn't know what to do after that.

I leaned out of the window.

Arne hasn't said anything since he got home.

Do you know the man gazing at you?


Jiri's hair is turning gray.


I drank tea yesterday.

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I've never seen her laugh.

About 800 million years ago, all the continents were pushed together. We call this supercontinent Rodinia.

Don't attack me.

It's a pity you didn't tell somebody sooner.

Dorian removed his fake beard.

Go and see what Guillermo is doing and tell her to stop it.

He did not know that he was doing anything wrong.

The truck dumped the sand on the ground.

I was a student at that time.

He's coming back from America a week from today.

We traveled westwards for 100 miles.

Melanie is drinking milk.

Diana would be proud.


Were you unlucky?


Rich will be arriving tomorrow at 2:30 in the afternoon.

We'll do a little at a time.

That boy is a constant source of worry to his mother.


Bob mounted the portrait in a fancy frame, but it was upside down.

That's a very complicated problem.

I wonder if Donald ever cries.

Why do bees die after stinging?

You're the last person I expected to see here.

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I understand that a mistake has been made.

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I got this book from him.


The linguist is quite familiar with the dialect.


If you're low on money, this one will be on me.

I'd like a Toyota.

That took a lot of guts.

What am I supposed to do after I finish doing this?

All took part in the negotiations.

For a short time, Lisa lived in Boston.

Raj bought a gift for his girlfriend.

Juergen plowed the field.

There's a radio on the table.

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Evelyn can barely move.

No book is worth reading.

True happiness consists of desiring little.