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Good company in a journey is worth a coach.

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Aren't cookies delicious?

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Let's call the police.

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Don't you think that's a little too much to pay?

He goes there every day.

She bought two pairs of socks.

I'll make a video of you.

You need to bear in mind that what is written on Wikipedia isn't always true.

I cannot quite understand it.

The police weren't able to determine which one of the twins had committed the crime.


I thought that was great.

Dean couldn't remember what he was supposed to do.

Don't wander from the subject.

I turned to him for advice.

When did you see Tatoeba for the first time?

Don't bother denying it.

Jeffery Jackson works here, doesn't he?

History is written by the winners.

When it comes to politics, he is as eloquent as anyone.

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It's a good thing Fletcher isn't here.


We used to fight.


Have you ever visited the Statue of Liberty?


Turkish war of independence against Eurpean imperialist powers had lasted from 1919 to 1923.

More and more people promised to support him.

My alarm clock didn't work. That's why I was late.

Close your eyes and sleep!

Since I can't be with you, I send you a kiss.


It is nothing but an opening of the miramistin production plant in Bagrationovsk.

Have you tried putting up an ad?

Ralph knew what Alejandro had told him wasn't true.

Do you want some bourbon?

You told me that you were in Boston last summer.


It's OK to cry.

Pilot didn't look happy to see Jeffery.

I found the cage empty.


The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence is false.

I plan to stay at home all day tomorrow.

We can go shopping later.

I like to wear a tunic.

They're older than you.

This reminds me of home.

We seem to be trapped.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is nice.

Micheal disagrees with Pierette.

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I reserve the right to be wrong.

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It happened three years later, that is in 1965.

Does it sound like I'm in love?

Fresh squeezed orange juice tastes really good.

Well, I like that idea.

They all have kids.

Would you mind me smoking here?

I said we aren't going to do it.

A terribly loud beep resounded - the microphone produced feedback.

The old man escaped from the nursing home.


Sugih is on the back porch.


I'd like to discuss this with your boss.

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I was the only one who knew about it.

Did you get in touch with Agatha?

I didn't have the TV on at that time.

He may be on the next train.

Tell me something about him.

Nathan is in a bad mood right now.

I never knew his name.

The worm bends.

Harv and I are both in the same class.

I should have taken the blue pill.

Do you intend to come tomorrow?

There's no use making such a thing.

I'd love a slice of pie.

I cannot help laughing at her joke.

"So... it was all his fault?" "You've hit the nail on the head!"

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I'll only talk to Real.

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The newspaper boy delivers papers in any kind of weather.

Jisheng is making preparations for a trip.

Children understand everything.


She is a psychic.


It was dark when I reached the hotel.

Frank was waiting with pleasure for the date in the evening.

I've already discussed it with Carol.


Can anybody stop them?

I must assume that people who resort to weapons other than the intellect to defend themselves cannot possess a very sharp intellect.

Do you have any more of those?


We'd better do that before 2:30.

My university is different.

In the near future, we may have a big earthquake in Japan.

Timothy told us it was an old ship.

He is said to have lost all his money.

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What exactly are we trying to find?


The library is on the right.


This book is absolutely useless.

Vic receives a high salary.

He did not go out, but sat down.

One should read many books when one is young.

What would I do if you died?!


They arrived half an hour early.

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Marco is obviously upset with Juha's behavior.

The wine was excellent.

I once read an interesting anthology of poetry generated by a computer program in 1984.

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I must find a way to help you.

Gypsy publicly insulted me.

Being an actor is the loneliest thing in the world. You are all alone with your concentration and imagination, and that's all you have.

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There are various expressions that indicate something is hearsay.

Malloy drove straight to school.

A bout lasts about five minutes.

I thought you were going to be at the concert last week.

I can do without this.


We know Jarvis.


Did you add a tablespoon of salt? The recipe called for just a teaspoon!

Did you swim?

Can you save Harry?

Spread the table, and contention will cease.

Nicholas carefully checked that the gas was turned off.

What did you do then?

Most of them urged him to take the job.

She is likely to refuse to follow his advice, because she does not like him.

I'm Irish but I don't speak Irish.


I've never met Bea.

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Judith shut his eyes.


Heinz is getting jealous.

Now, don't be late.

He fell and broke his arm while he was skiing.

Guillermo nodded once.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get any worse.

Dieter lived, Kenton is alive, Santa will live.

Al, it's time we had a talk.

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We tend to make mistakes.

Mahmoud has a good friend in Boston.

Kristin's favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

I'm very sorry about what the U.S. has done in Iraq. This war has been a tragedy for everyone.

The flow of evacuation events from occurrence of a large earthquake to the conclusion of emergency counter measures.


I don't like the heat during the summer.

I'm sure there's a way to find out.

I'm sorry about all this.

Let's leave as soon as possible.

A river flowed through Eden to water the garden, and there it split into four branches.

Genocides are hate crimes.

I like to play Icy Tower.

How do you know that, sir?

I am fighting for my future.


The number of houses being built was dropping.

There was no stopping him.

She is very dear to me.

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Vivek is good at keeping secrets.


I am constantly thinking about her.


The statesman is now in full vigor.

I don't want to be alone with Angus.

These look nice.

Rudolph tried to smither her way out of the dark basement but hit her head on the rafter and fainted.

"Where does it hurt?" "Everywhere."

Little pitchers have long ears.

We're going back to Boston.

He finally succeeded in getting a job.

I waited for her for one hour.

He thanked her very politely, and hurried off.

Ah! Snow!

Are you guys still dating each other?

Does anyone here speak French?


I was a little put out by this.