This substance is in liquid state.

I have to find out why Jared died.

No one was able to help Shane.

I got off lightly.

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Do you care?

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The whole city was getting a face-lift.

Almost everything has been improved.

I wrote that.

He is, on the whole, a satisfactory student.

Why did you tell Bobbie Andrea was ugly?


Old and Lloyd are best friends.


He has an excellent falsetto range.

My mother is my jewel.

She has a crush on Justin Bieber.

Why is everyone staring at them?

Having sent a rude email to a constituent who had criticized government policy, the minister not only had to step down as a cabinet minister but was also forced out of his party caucus.


Good God! You scared me there.

"Here's the Robert's reply." "You mean Robert's?" "No, it's the Robert. There's only one."

On August 19, 1960, the Soviet spacecraft Korabyl-Sputnik 2 carried two dogs (named Belka (Squirrel) and Strelka (Little Arrow)) into space and returned them safely to Earth.

Maria ordered drinks for Winston and himself.

"You, Sir, are an imperialist!" "And you, Sir, are a troll."

I argued with her.

This metal absolutely must be tempered.

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They're not good.


Why didn't you ask for permission?


I might not be able to help.


This armchair is comfortable to sit in.

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The question is when to start.

Richard ran into the house.

I think the time is right to introduce this product.

Is there a shorter road to get there?

Marty really had a good time.


Maria is gorgeous.

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He has nothing in common with her.

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The education by the parents of their children is sometimes very difficult.

Mr. Aoyama has a large family to support.

Marco says it was your idea.

Ramiro is improving.

Thank you for the drinks.

The cans were mislabeled.

I didn't tell him you were coming.


I've worked with Irvin a long time.


Drive more carefully, or you will have an accident.


Parents can pass many diseases on to their offspring.


What's the difference between asteroids and comets?

Someone is likely to be interested.

Elijah is very glad that school is over.

Do you want to go to the zoo with me?

That's our new boss.

They're doing a good job.

He got full marks.

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Ned is the type of person who doesn't usually worry about details.

That would be foolish.

What do you do when you're in Boston?

You should keep clear of that side of town.

Moses was nervous, but he knew what he was supposed to do.

A new case occurred. They applied the new rule to it.

Adlai was gone.

Who destroyed it?

Esperanto is not only nominally but also structurally an international language.

You told me that she was kind and she really is.

Some time passed, but I didn't get her return letter.

I can't eat or drink very hot things.

It would be nice to see Orville again.

We always have to follow the rules.

Hirotoshi's life was totally ruined by drugs.


Quito, Ecuador, is a little south of the equator.


Does Bruno like French?

Raul is from Australia.

He gripped her tightly.

They all thought Novo was crazy.

I'm really not very well.

Today I saw a very enjoyable movie.

I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

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Bud was lucky that Claudio didn't hit him.

Carl hurried toward the elevator.

I've actually heard of this.

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In this world, there are people who take advantage of legal loopholes to do things that are almost illegal.

List sat across from Randal, his ex-girlfriend.

How old is his sister?

Did you write anything in your diary today?

Ask him whether she is at home or not.

May I come to see you at your office tomorrow morning?

Leif had to stay in the hospital for three weeks.

Nicolette said he didn't know.

I'm sorry for reproaching you.

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Don't give up on love.

Charlene cut the rope.

My address is Puistokatu.

When have I ever wronged you?

You should have your own talk show.

There was a post office on this corner once.

I don't know if I can help.


Marty didn't mention who he'd met.


I never should've gotten divorced.

Do you know where that happened?

You should get some sleep.

Mom, I am hungry.

Has Timothy told Jeannette that he's married?

Markku never imagined that he would marry Liisa for convenience and stay married.

That girl sure has a lot of energy.

It's your turn next.

I believe you're right.

It's your birthday today, isn't it?

The socialist insurgency expropriated the Apostolic Palace.

He says that he has to go to Vienna the day after tomorrow.

I don't even know who has stolen what.

Hey, wait for me.

The British government is against the plan.


From a distance, that stone looks like a person's face.

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I didn't want to do it again.


How do you know about her?

Do you think you're going to need it?

Vinod offered to let Edwin use her car.


Stop. You're hurting me.


You're not Brazilian, are you?


She wished to punish only those responsible.

Erasmus students often stick with other students from the same country.

Some dog owners wonder if it's OK to feed their dogs fish.

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Johann broke his leg last year and has limped ever since.


You're a brave person.


You're in!

I'd really like to buy a new car.

I need to bring this suede vest to the dry-cleaner's.

Tai died of breast cancer.

You're difficult to work with.

She saw herself as the world's savior.

Leave me alone or I'm going to call security.

I know Sergio is sleepy.

Please lend me the dictionary when you are through with it.

Was that so hard?

I don't blame him for this.

Ozan wondered whether honesty really was the best policy.

We never lock that door.

When do I need to return the book?

Try not to splatter the ink.

I think you need a lawyer.

Do you really want to move to Boston?

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I'm a day late, but "Happy Birthday!".


I love pizza with cheese.

You look happy.

Murray will alert Bert.


Stagger drinks beer with his buddies at the local bar every weekend.

Julianto is obsessed with model trains.

I've finished all except the last page.


Her expression underwent a sudden change.

I told Daryl he'd have our full support.

I didn't expect Kelly to be there.

How many people are involved?

She can speak English pretty well.

Today I read a daily newspaper and I found a very interesting article there.

I did not see anyone in the street.

Dale climbs into the driver's seat of the truck.

I was picking strawberries in the garden.

The train gave a shrill scream as it entered the tunnel.

Hans Christian Anderson's fairytales made him the world's best-known Dane.

I've tried.

The bank robbers killed one guard and injured another.

This time it seems as if he is telling the truth.

Do you think about us a lot?

We need to go shopping.

She was filled with deep grief to hear of her father's sudden death.