I hope you're all hungry.

Boy is my face red.

The Bangladeshi community thought it wasn't a balanced description.

They're going to give me an estimate.


The strike had not been peaceful, however, and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. begged both sides to be patient and calm.

Do you want to hang out with us?

Farouk wrote a song for Shatter.

I promise you that won't happen.

We both know what'll happen if you do that.

Can you meet me in the cafeteria in ten minutes?

Margaret has developed his own method for rapid learning of a foreign language. He reads books, focusing on understanding the meaning and not paying attention to the sentences' grammatical structure.


I thought you were going to fix the sink.

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Kirk is not fond of pets.


I want to make sure I can afford to buy it before I order it.

A camel is to the desert what a ship is to the sea.

I need to know that Samir is happy.

Has Ken left Japan for good?

I got an invitation to a party tonight that I know would be a lot of fun but I have to be in my best form for tomorrow's meeting so I had to turn it down.

Olson is just getting warmed up.

I had no idea things had gotten this bad.

Where do you wish you could go for a holiday?

How many times do you have to go to the dentist?

They bullied me.

I just love happy endings.

In addition to PCs, it can be used with cell phones.

I don't want to tell my boyfriend.

Boyce was the only one who didn't say anything.

Every Monday Mrs. Evans washed all the family's clothes in the zinc bathtub.

I enrolled in an art school when I was eight.

This is his letter, but it is not signed.

Rivulets of rainwater ran down the roof.

I can't go on like that.


I never saw him again.


The whole village knows the man well.

Why do we dream?

The theory is generally accepted.

She is ill-natured.

I send a letter to my mother.

What makes life dreary is the want of motivation.

That's how I was raised.

Teresa hesitated to tell Ahmed the truth.

Does Jesus believe me?

She is proud of her children.

I could see Dewey was asleep.

The well is dry.

The market is big.


The argument will not hold.

Don't rely on him.

I'm going to make it up to you.


Sergio was the first person in our neighborhood to buy an iPad.

Matthew likes to listen to music from the eighties.

Don't make light of me.


He speaks four languages.

My briefcase is full of papers.

Let's get another one.

Say what you will, I think he is honest.

Something has happened.

I'd like to see what I'm buying.

Sooner or later, bankruptcy hangs over our heads and we will all die penniless like beggars.

May his soul rest in Heaven.

I would never have guessed that.


That team has a strong lineup.

We are God's wheat.

Clyde kissed the young man on the cheek.

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After supper, he studies his lessons for three hours.

Why did you do it, Elsa?

You're really tall and good-looking.

Aimee spent years living on the streets of Boston.

Could you please fix this?


Can you make sense of what he says?

Would you please give me what I asked for?

That's our new boss.


Rayan is the fattest person I know.

My faith in the next generation is increasing.

Micheal is really gifted.

You all didn't teach me.

She gave me some good advice.


I lost my patience.

Would it inconvenience you to go yourself?

The only other object on the table was a small shaded lamp.


The woman sleeps in the bedroom.

Why isn't Linley at school?

Suddenly he spotted me.

Kurt and Lana are with me.

You've never been to Paris, have you?

In any case, I did my duty.

We are defenseless.

He fed his dog at the same time every day.

He'll probably come over here if you call out to him.

Randal didn't tell Jayesh anything about that.

The true art of acting is to conceal from the audience that which is part of the role and that which comes from you personally.

I want to know if it's close.

Ssi doesn't make many mistakes.

He does not work so hard as he used to.

Am I supposed to know you?


Give him some privacy.

The dog is a faithful animal.

Craig's son is getting married.

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The crowd broke out in hearty laughter.

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Why have you deceived us?

The dog's name is Ken.

Neville sounded intrigued.

Corey may have been there.

He will come soon.

She was sore at me for being late.

You're both adults.

It's all grist for its magic mill.

Steen doesn't want to work here anymore.


Three years have passed since we married.

Pantelis doesn't look much like his brother.

Eduardo promised to tell us one of his stories.



Marshall finally caught up with Srivatsan.

I believe in friendship.

I think it's very impressive.

The printing business made Bill a small fortune.

Kimberly says that he's willing to help us paint our garage.

Whoever you vote for, make sure he's honest.


Sit down and take it easy for a while.

My friend comes to the library to study.

Dustin isn't accustomed to doing that.

She had plenty of acquaintances, but no friends.

You think you're better than me, don't you?

Do you feel giving gifts is important?

He gave in.

That's Slartibartfast's office.

Dan sold his car to Linda for eight hundred dollars.

Even if your enemy is an ant, consider him an elephant.

I'll make an effort to complete the work today.


I have a small favor to ask of you.


Now ten dollars buys less than five dollars did three years ago.

It's quite warm here, isn't it?

See you tomorrow at school.

If he were happy, he would play much better.

If at least two people are great, then no one is the one great person.

I respect your opinion.

Emmy folded the napkin in half.

That's not in my bailiwick.

The sound of an awful scream made him shudder.

As I am sick, I will not go with you.

May I see that again?


My parents won't let me date.


I cannot dry my hair. I don't have a hairdrier.

I think I found the problem.

What is she going to do?

A few minutes' walk brought us to the park.

I think you're trying too hard.

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The future diplomat to France carved his name and the name of his beloved (a Japanese cartoon character) into the bark of a tree.

Celeste is quite frank.

You were late, weren't you?

The storm shouldn't affect our plans.

He is filthy rich.

Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction.

Give Lea a kiss.

I'm not your angel anymore.

Have a safe trip home.

Rik asked Lindsay to give him a ride to the amusement park.

We've been checking the place out.


I want to know how you did it.

This CD belongs to her.

I just ignore him.


Please turn out the lights.

She cursed the times.

I didn't actually see it myself.

Kanthan sleeps on his back.

I trusted him and I believed him.

The two brothers never reconciled.

You're off in your reckoning.

So, what do you want to do tomorrow?

Do Adam and Hwa know?

Did you come here by yourself?

It cost twice as much as we expected.